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Puglia Experiences

Things to do in Puglia 


In 2016, National Geographic magazine gave Puglia the “Best Value Destination” award, defining it as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. According to the magazine, Puglia “represents the best of Southern Italy: rhythms of life, traditions, and beautiful places”.

We don’t want to sound arrogant … but we’ve always known that!

Puglia is, indeed, a land rich in historical, artistic and cultural traditions, with breath-taking landscapes, a crystalline sea and a wide and multifaceted food culture. It is really difficult, if not even impossible, to name all the things you can do and see in Puglia during a holiday.

This is why we have prepared for you a list of some of the most interesting and beautiful places that you can see at less than 30 minutes drive from our properties.

The Caves of Castellana (10 minutes)


A fantastic experience for young and old hikers! A visit to the Caves of Castellana is absolutely one of the things that you cannot miss during a holiday in Puglia. This suggestive guided tour, extending around 3 km at a depth of 70 meters, will allow you to discover the hidden wonders of the subsoil.

You will be surrounded by a unique and charming scenario, made of canyons, underground lakes as well as stalactites and stalagmites featuring bizarre shapes and colours. When visiting the Caves of Castellana, do not miss the well-known White Cave, a really one of a kind place.

Taking pictures of the trulli of Alberobello (15 minutes)


The town of Alberobello is so popular that it is probably unnecessary to explain why each traveller who comes to Puglia sooner or later stops here. The famous trulli – actual cone-shaped stone houses – have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list for more than 20 years and dot every street of this town, creating an impressive and breath-taking landscape.  You can’t miss them!

The Itria Valley and its historic villages (25 minutes)

The Itria Valley is located in the centre of Puglia and gathers the highest number of trulli of the region. This wonderful valley connects the towns of Cisternino, Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Ceglie Messapica, Fasano, Ostuni and, last but not least, Alberobello.

The towns of the Itria Valley have all spectacular historical centres characterised by ancient churches and monuments, whitewashed houses with flowered balconies and narrow and tangled streets paved with local “chianche”.

Relaxing on a sandy beach by the sea (30 minutes)

Puglia offers more than just trulli! With more than 800 km of coastline – Puglia offers the lovers of Summer holidays a wide range of beaches, cliffs, nature reserves and clubs where relaxing under the sun by the sea.

Do not miss the picturesque and unforgettable atmosphere of Polignano a Mare, a one of a kind town featuring houses overlooking the sea.

Not far from the town of Ostuni, the lovers of unspoiled nature will be impressed by the Marine Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto, a real protected natural paradise, characterized by sandy beaches and a crystal clear sea, perfect for sailing and snorkelling activities.

Those who love dedicating time to wellness activities and hydrotherapy will definitely appreciate the spa centre of Torre Canne



Thing to do in Puglia with Kids


Are you wondering what places to visit in Puglia with your kids? Puglia is full of attractions and leisure activities for them too.

Please find below a list including a number of useful information and suggestions for those interested in planning a holiday in Puglia with kids.

IndianaPark (5 minutes)

At just 5 minutes’ drive from “Trulli Oasi Fiorita”, you can find IndianaPark, the first and biggest adventure playground of the region. Here kids (and adults) can choose from a number of funny activities: rope ladder-walking, tree-climbing, cable slides and much more. Safety is guaranteed and boredom is banned

Parc des dinosaures (10 minutes)

An amazing theme park dedicated to the giant creatures that populated our planet million years ago. This Dino Park is the perfect place to have fun with your kids and allow them to be in touch with history.

It is, indeed, a real outdoor museum containing faithful and life-size models of the most important dinosaurs.

Zoo (25 minutes)


Fasanolandia is the first wildlife park in Italy and one of the biggest ones in Europe. It hosts, indeed, around 1,700 animals of 200 different species, in a portion of Mediterranean scrub extending for about 140 hectares.

The park also offers a lot of attractions both for kids and adults (rides, theatre, exhibitions, museums). This place will certainly impress all the kids who love nature and animals. You can’t miss it!

Acquapark Egnazia (30 minutes)

Not far from the sea, Acquapark Egnazia is a beautiful water park perfect for kids, teenagers and adults. It hosts pools, slides, water games and here you can also take part in amazing musical and entertainment events. What are you waiting for?



Puglia food 



But apart from its trulli, its marvellous beaches and its rich cultural and historic heritage, Puglia is also famous all over the world for its varied, simple and tasty cuisine. In Puglia, indeed, you will have the chance to eat delicious local specialities such as focacce, taralli, cheese products (mozzarella, burrata, caciocavallo), as well as pasta, meat and fish dishes like orecchiette with turnip tops, the “tiella” (casserole) of rice, potatoes and mussels and much more.

Don’t miss the capocollo (cured pork meat) of Martina Franca, a Slow Food labelled product and our extra virgin oil, the real gold of Puglia and basic seasoning ingredient of almost every dish.

It is really impossible to make a list of all the delicious things you can eat and drink in Puglia! The only piece of advice we can give you is: come here, forget about the scales (everything is allowed on holiday) and try all the tasty specialities of this region. Descriptions will never be good enough; you need to plan your personal food experience! 


These are just some of the things you can do and see during a holiday in Puglia.

The truth is that, from North to South, Puglia is a region full of wonders.

The properties of “Trulli Oasi Fiorita” are located right in the centre of Puglia, in a strategic position that will allow you to quickly reach important and interesting destinations.